Bachelor in Tilburg

Have you ever wondered how our senses work? Or why people behave differently in groups or when they are by themselves? How your personality changes when you age? Where our brain processes our emotions and what our conscious is? How you decide which phone to choose? How to help a child with learning problems?

It doesn’t matter which aspects of psychology interests you, the innovative psychology curriculum of Tilburg University will give you the freedom to design your own program. You can make your own major-minor combination, this means you can already choose your field of study and even more courses of you own choice. After your bachelor, you can decide in which field you want to specialize during your Master’s degree. You get your own personal mentor to guide you in order to make the combination that fits your talents and career dreams best.

Did you know that Tilburg is the only place where you have the possibility to specialize in the fields of Economic, Forensic and Medical psychology and that you will be educated by the best professors in the Netherlands? You will acquire a solid base in different fields of psychology so you will be able to practice different professions.

This course is taught in two languages, English and Dutch. For more information, click here.