Become a member!

Becoming a member of study association Complex is simple! All you have to do is download and fill in this form and send it to Complex by e-mailing it, bringing it by to our office in room P0.07 or mailing it to us!


Study Association Complex, P0.07
Postbus 90153
5000 LE Tilburg

Membership of Complex costs € 15,- per year. This contribution is collected annually from your bank account after filling in the registration form in which you consent to this annual contribution. By becoming a member of study association Complex you agree to the general conditions which you can find here.

Due to privacy rules, study association Complex cannot make any use of the student dossier of Tilburg University, which means membership at Complex will not automatically be cancelled when members get their diploma or stop with their course. Cancelling your membership is your responsibility which is only possible by filling in this form and sending it via e-mail to

Want to end your membership for the coming academic year? Make sure you fill in and send the form in by the 1st of September of the coming school year. (For example, if you want to end your membership for the academic year of 2017 – 2018 then you should send in the form before the 1st of September 2017).