Blog Aniek

On the 6th of April we will organize an information evening for the people who are interested at 20:00. Due to the coronavirus we are obligated to organize this evening in a different way than usual. To still inform everyone about a board at Complex, we will hold the information meeting via Skype! Let us know if you will be joining by sending an email to Next to that, every board member will write their own blog in interview form. When you have interest in a certain function you can contact us for 1 on 1 contact.

In this blog Aniek Westerdijk, will tell you about her experiences in her board year!

Who are you, what is your function in the board and what do you like about it?
I am Aniek, 20 years old and my function within the board is Coordinator External Affairs. This function is a combination of the two part-time positions Coordinator Study Support and Coordinator Acquisition. As the Coordinator Study Support I am responsible for, amongst other things, the trial lectures, summaries, tutoring and I have contact with the psychology departments. As Coordinator Acquisition, you are responsible for all the acquisition of Complex and the acquisition of TSB. This means that you have contact with companies and raise money for Complex. On the one hand, I really like this function, because I can help our members and all the psychology students with their study by facilitating, among other things, summaries, tutoring and formal activities. However, when you look at acquisition I also come into contact with the work field a lot. I talk and work with professors and many companies and that is really fun, so this balance is great and this makes that every day is a different one!

Why did you choose for a board year and why at Complex?
I actually never thought of a board year until the end of my second year. I was still 19 at that time and didn’t want to finish studying already.  I chose to do a board year because I didn’t want to take a year off. I was eager to learn new skills, develop myself, get out of my comfort zone and get to know myself better. A board year is really something you can put on your resume and be proud of. But next to that, a board year is also the perfect way to fully enjoy your student life with lots of good parties, cantuses and drinks. And what could be more fun than organizing these also yourself with your fellow Complex members?

What did you mainly learn in the past year?
Because of the contact I have with many professors and companies I really learned to present myself. Now I know my strengths better and I have learned how to use them. However, I also learned a lot about my weaknesses. I found out that I am a dominant person, especially in meetings. Because of this, more introvert persons sometimes can’t say what they may want to say. I have certainly learned in my board year how to communicate better to people and I have learned to take other people even more into account. In short, I learned how to work together even better! In addition, I really learned to organize. There is always more to look at while organizing events than you initially think. Because of my board year, I now pay much more attention to the details. Finally, before my board year, I was never really entrepreneurial. This has changed a lot. I have become more assertive in not only organizing things, but also in studying, for example.

What are your highlights of the past year?

Very cliché but this question is really difficult. I definitely liked all of our activities! If I really need to choose, I go for our constitution drink, the Citytrip and our Active Members Weekend. When you drink the next bottle outside the Boekanier with your board, when you walk with a big group through Düsseldorf or when you look to all the active Complex members having fun during the AMW, you feel so proud to be part of such a big and beautiful association.  I also had this during the TUC cantus. Not really one of our own activities but it was our first activity of the academic year and I think the photo and this big group of 110 people says enough! And of course, my memorable moment when I fell off my table during the TUC 😉 . And last but not least next to the activities I enjoyed every single day in the boardroom. The boardroom became really my second home and my board my second family!