Blog Kim

On the 6th of April, we will organize an information evening for the people who are interested at 20:00. Due to the coronavirus we are obligated to organize this evening in a different way than usual. To still inform everyone about a board at Complex, we will hold the information meeting via Skype! Let us know if you will be joining by sending an email to Next to that, every board member will write their own blog in interview form. When you have an interest in a certain function you can contact us for 1 on 1 contact.

In this blog, Kim, Secretary, will tell you about her experiences in her board year!

Who are you, what is your function in the board and what do you like about it?
I am Kim, 20 years old and my function within the board is Secretary. In this function, I’m mainly the contact person for all the (non-) members. I maintain the mail contact, create the newsletters and member surveys, but I’m also responsible for the literature list on Studystore and do not forget: I make a lot of minutes throughout the year.
I really like to be up to date with everything and to have an overview of what everyone is doing. I also like to make as many (new) contacts in a year and learn how to respond to certain situations.

Why did you choose for a board year and why at Complex?
I wanted to challenge myself and get out of my comfort zone. I can be quite insecure and wanted to feel more confident. Therefore, it was a big step for me to apply at all, but I’ve never regretted it for one second! Once I decided to do a board year, it was a logical step to do this at Complex, because I feel at home within this association. Everyone is open, always up for fun and you can easily find support in each other because you’re doing the same study. I’m also glad that there’s an alternation between the organization of formal and informal activities in Complex. This made the perfect balance for me between more serious and fun activities.

What did you mainly learn in the past year?
I’m a very stressful person and overthink a lot of things. Among others I was really scared to give presentations, to be responsible and to give my opinion. I had to get myself out of my comfort zone this year to tackle these things. My board really helped me a lot during my stressful and insecure moments and gave me tools to cope with these situations. I can say that I’ve made big steps this year and I’m definitely going to use these lessons after my board year!

What are your highlights of the past year?
Jeez, this is a tough question. I enjoyed all the activities we organized and there weren’t activities I didn’t like, but if I still have to make a top three, I would go for the introduction camp, the city trip, and the theme parties. The introduction camp, because it was really a kind of kick-off of my board year and I immediately met a lot of new people. The city trip was a highlight because we had a lot of setbacks with organizing the activity but the trip itself was super successful. I can look back with pride on this activity! I couldn’t leave the theme parties, because I liked all of them very much. I’m in my element when everyone does their best to arrive in theme clothes at the party and we all end at the radje at the end of the night.