Blog Michelle

On the 6th of April, we will organize an information evening for the people who are interested at 20:00. Due to the coronavirus, we are obligated to organize this evening in a different way than usual. To still inform everyone about a board at Complex, we will hold the information meeting via Skype! Let us know if you will be joining by sending an email to Next to that, every board member will write their own blog in interview form. When you have an interest in a certain function you can contact us for 1 on 1 contact.

In this blog, Michelle, Treasurer, will tell you about her experiences in her board year!

Who are you, what is your function in the board and what do you like about it?
I am Michelle, 20 years old and I have the function of Treasurer within the board. In short, I am responsible for the bank account, I make the budget and keep it up to date and I am also responsible for the invoice of the membership. Next to that, I am the coordinator of four committees: the first year’s committee, the study trip committee, the master committee and the experience your future committee. In addition to my board position, I have a number of tasks within the board. This year I was responsible for organizing Human Library together with other parties, I am in contact with VAPT (Association of Graduated Psychologists Tilburg) and I am responsible for the UCB challenge. I particularly like my function because you can play an important role in the board in a creative way. You have a lot of space and options within this position.

Why did you choose for a board year and why at Complex?
I chose a board year because I wanted to get to know and develop myself better. I also saw a board year as a challenge that I wanted to take on! Besides that I wanted to develop myself, a board year also seemed very good for my personal contacts. It was quite clear for me, that I wanted to do this at Complex. In my first year, I was an active member, and I was able to see what Complex organizes and what Complex does for its members. This really motivated me to apply for a board year.


What did you mainly learn in the past year?
Until last year I had never seen a budget. So this is actually the first thing I learned this year: making and understanding a budget. So this shows again that you can do everything if you want! In addition to the budget, I have learned to be more responsible and to be more prominent. Before my board year, I also found it difficult to express my opinion and to express what I thought. It is still a learning process, but I will certainly continue to work on this.

What are your highlights of the past year?
To be honest, I find it difficult to name my highlights. We were able to experience so many fun things and we organized so many different activities. I am therefore very happy about what I have been able to do, and enjoyed every moment! If I had to mention a few highlights, these would be the first General Members Meeting, the theme parties, the fun evenings with my committees, and the active members weekend. At the first General Members Meeting we were officially announced as the new board, which I am proud of. The theme parties are fun before the party even started. I don’t know how long I’ve been in the board room trying to choose an outfit over and over again, and the evenings itself are always a highlight. Especially when I turn 11 again at “the radje”. The active members weekend was a great weekend with lots of fun people, and also the evenings with my committees should not be missed at my highlights.