Blog Stijn

On the 6th of April, we will organize an information evening for the people who are interested at 20:00. Due to the coronavirus, we are obligated to organize this evening in a different way than usual. To still inform everyone about a board at Complex, we will hold the information meeting via Skype! Let us know if you will be joining by sending an email to Next to that, every board member will write their own blog in interview form. When you have an interest in a certain function you can contact us for 1 on 1 contact.

In this blog, Stijn, Internal Affairs, will tell you about her experiences in her board year!

Who are you, what is your function in the board and what do you like about it?
My name is Stijn, I am 21 years old and my function is Internal Affairs (+PR). This means that I am responsible for a lot of the relaxing activities, such as the active members activities, the active members weekend and the former board activity. I am also responsible for all promotion, promotion materials (posters, flyers) and social media for Complex. I really like my function because almost everything I do is directly for the members. I do not have loads of tasks behind the scenes. The function also gives me freedom for creativity. I can be creative with organizing activities as well as in the promotion (making posters and flyers). Additional to my tasks, I am also the Coordinator of the Activity Committee, Promotion Committee, Yearbook Committee, and the Movie Editing Committee. This means I am responsible for for example the activities from the Activity committee (cantusses, theme parties etc.) and the yearbook.

Why did you choose for a board year and why at Complex?
After a few setbacks in my second year in Tilburg, I wanted to do something else than just study. I got the idea that I was getting smarter in terms of Psychology, however, there were other things I wanted to learn at that point. I wanted to learn more about myself and I wanted to learn more about how to handle certain situations. A board year seemed like the perfect option for me. I had my doubts about where to do my board year, however, I chose Complex because I knew most members of Complex and thought a board year at Complex would be the most fun. Also, I had so much fun in my first 2 years at Complex that I wanted to give the same experience to new members

What did you mainly learn in the past year?
One of my biggest improvements is speaking for groups. Before the board year, I sometimes started shaking and stuttering when I had to speak for a group of 20 people. I was scared of making mistakes and I was really uncomfortable with the attention I got from a group of 20 people. Because of this board year, I was forced to speak for groups and I helped me a lot. My first time speaking for a group this year was a promotional presentation for over 120 master students. Since then, I only got better at speaking for groups and now I am even enjoying getting the microphone to speak to a lot of people. Also, I learned about my weak points and found out several points I can work on personally. That is the nice thing about a board year. Learning your weak points is something you cannot do alone. Your board can help you with this really well!

What are your highlights of the past year?
My answer might be cliche, but I liked everything about the board year. I will make a top 3, however, I would like to say how I enjoyed every day first. Every day was different. We had a really fun board and we laughed a lot together. Even in times that things did not go perfectly. My committee meetings were also really fun. My Top 3 will contain activities. My first highlight is the Active Members Weekend. This was a really big
highlight for me. I organized several activities during the weekend, hoping that everybody as a great time. It is an amazing feeling to see almost 50 people having fun and enjoying themselves at your weekend. My second highlight is the disCOMPLEX theme party. A disco night in the Boekanier. I still think this is a great idea. I really enjoyed the outfits and the music! My third highlight was the Former board activity. I chose to organize a huifkar cantus. I really enjoyed seeing the former board enjoying both the cantus and speaking to their former board again. The tire that broke made the night a night that will be remembered!