Caelestia committee

The Caelestia is the Complex magazine, which comes out a couple times a year. Every edition has a theme and is filled with funny, entertaining and informative articles. Examples of the themes are the Introduction Camp edition, the Study Trip edition and the Active Members edition. The committee has 6 members including the coordinator of the board. The committee positions are chairman, secretary, designer and spelling checker. In general, the committee is a committee that takes up some time due to the different peak moments. Depending on how big the issue is, it could take up more or less time. The Caelestia allows you to be creative while working hard to achieve to make different issues.


Committee members from left to right:

Back: Bente van Kimmenade, Kim Machielsen, Florine Beentje, Sophie Huige

Front: Indira Vaessen, Stella Barenholz, Claudia Toet, Yoni van Opstal