Activity committee

The Activity Committee is responsible for most of the entertainment and enjoyable evenings that Complex offers you next your course. This committee organizes several activities throughout the academic year including themed parties, the Complex Games, a pubquiz, a sports activitiy, beer cantusses and a gala night.

When you take place in this committee, you have a meeting every week with your other committee members. This is absolutely necessary because you organize ten activities throughout the year.  If you want to become a very active member at Complex, this is one of the committees you should definitely consider!

Committee members:

Esmée Smeets, Job Boersma, Jeroen Huisken, Jelle Venema, Dito Boerema, Julie Wauben, Demi Den Hertog, Anke Geerts, Pleun Jansen, Kayleigh Aertse