Seminar committee

The seminar committee will organise our yearly Complex seminar. At this event there will be an overall topic and different speakers will give lectures about different perspectives regarding the topic. The seminar is different from the symposium by the amount of speakers and the length of the program. For the seminar, Complex will work together with the university.

Committee members from left to right:

Above: Roos Springintveld, Dylan van Empelen, Jesse Oosterheert, Tamar Benjamins, Nina Vlems

Below: Karlijn Naalden, Jolijn Wolbert, Sabine van Toor, Femke van Brandenburg

In 2020 it wasn't possible to hold the seminar due to the corona virus pandemic. As a replacement, Matthijs Dingjan from gave a webinar about dating in 2020. This was a great succes and more then 50 people were present.