Our partnerships include collaborations based on (paid) promotion. Through our information channels (biweekly member mail, Facebook, LinkedIn, Complex App, website, promotional flyers/posters, t-shirts and more),  Complex can make your business more presentable and well-known among the 1700 members Complex has. You can also place an advertisement in the association's magazine, the Caelestia or in our Yearbook. All the advertisements are customized to your wishes.

Complex also organise excursions and activities in the psychological field. During an activity it is also possible to promote your company. Finally, Complex can promote your company by using goodies from your company and put them in Complex's very own assembledgoody bags for activities, like a seminar or symposium.

Are you interested in becoming a partner of Study Association Complex? You can email or call our Coördinator Acquisition, Caro Jacobi, on the following telephone number: +31 6 38112806

Click here for an overview of our current partners.