Tutoring and summaries

This year Complex will work together with AthenaStudies and AthenaSummary to provide the best crash courses and summaries for you. The AthenaSummaries guarantee the best quality, overview and also a good price. When available, the summaries can be bought at the Complex office for a price of €7,95 of €8,95, depending on the size of the summary. Complex members will receive a €1 discount on the summaries when bought via the association! No time to step by at the office? The summaries can also be ordered on the AthenaSummary website: https://athenasummary.nl/nl/38-universiteit-tilburg

AthenaStudies provides high-quality crash courses on almost all faculties in the Netherlands. With 87% AthenaStudies has the highest pass rate of the Netherlands and will make sure you pass your exam with a good grade. For Complex members we arranged a 10% discount on ALL crash courses AthenaStudies offers. Members will get a 10% when they use the discount code: ComplexAthena1920! Register: https://athenastudies.nl/cursus/tiu/psy