Ultimate Committee Battle

The Ultimate Committee Battle, or UCB, is a competition throughout the year between all the committees of Complex. This contest will end at the end of the year, then the ultimate committee will be awarded the highly appraised UCB challenge cup and a prize! So now you are probably wondering: how can I win this?

You can win points as a committee by:

  • Winning the challenges shared on the Facebook group. Every month there is a challenge with a deadline shared on the page. Send the assignment in on time so you can earn points for your committee! (You get 10 points for handing in the challenge, 1st place 35 points, 2nd place 25 points and 3rd place 20 points).
  • Earn 15 points for attending a Complex Activity with 50% of the committee. These activities include theme parties, trips and symposia. First-year activities and Master activities are excluded because of the fact that not everyone can participate in these activities. Make a photo of the attendance on the activity, it must be clear that it is on that activity! Send this photo to Leroy via whatsapp otherwise you will not get any points even if you were present!
  • For each submitted Caelestia-worthy quote or photo (which means it is in the Caelestia) the committee who sent in the quote or photo to the Caelestia Committee will earn 2 points for eacht quote or photo.
  • When your committee has a committeedrink together with another committee (at least half of each
    committee needs to attend) on an agreed committeedrink you will receive 15 points (send Leroy a picture of the drink, otherwise no points again). Of course, you can have a committeedrink with the same committee several times, but you will receive UCB-points only once.

Keep an eye on our Facebook-page to stay updated which challenges are available and at which activities you can earn presence-points. The standings will also be posted every month on the Facebook-page.