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At the Ericsson offices in Rijen an internship position has opened up. Please find more information below:


Staff Association Ericsson Netherlands –

This association has activities around sports, e.g. golf, cycling, running, fitness, etc., culture (the association has a “BedrijfsCultureel Abonnement” (BCA), networking, Sinterklaas celebration for the employees’ children, a yearly staff party, etc. The staff association facilitates these activities through grants and the provision of resources.

The staff association was established over 60 years ago at the Rijen site. For a long time activities were coordinated from there. However, in recent years offices in Sliedrecht, Hilversum, Maastricht and Amsterdam have opened. Most of the employees in these offices do have a background in telecom, but not at Ericsson specifically.

As the name implies the staff association Ericsson Nederland (Personeelsvereniging Ericsson Nederland, PEN) is the staff association for all Ericsson employees in the Netherlands. Because of the proliferation of offices, differences in company culture, and changes in the general society, it has become more and more difficult for the PEN to convey her goals and possibilities throughout the different locations. Because of this, activities are mainly centered around Rijen, which the PEN wants to change.



The PEN is looking for an enthusiastic intern to formulate and execute a (marketing) plan. At this moment we are aiming for a 16 hour per week, 6 to 8 months assignment. For this assignment a monthly compensation of €170,- is available.



Currently follows or has followed an HBO+ level (HBO/WO) education in the organizational sciences, work- and organizational psychology, or related fields.

16 hours per week availability in the period April-October.

Willingness to travel within the Netherlands and possession of either a driver’s license or public transport card.

Interest in motivating, enthusing and activating employees.

Start date, working times and vacation periods are flexible and can be decided by mutual agreement



If you are interested or have additional questions regarding this internship please contact Thomas van Haaren at


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