Workfield Committee

The purpose of this committee is to provide a better link between theory and practice and give students an insight of their possible future work. With this committee, you will organize a number of activities (excursions). These excursions are oriented on society on one hand, and oriented on the health side of Psychology on the other hand.

Committee members from left to right:

Above: Willem, Mechteld van Castel, Rick Klerkx

Middle: Sara Mitwally, Lotte Bink, Britt Bergers

Below: Fares Khazneh, Stijn de Feijter, Dahnee Fasen

Committee members:

Jolijn Wolbert, Amber van Beers, Sabine van Toor, Jaron Bos, Stijn Verhagen, Camiel Martens, Lars Fransen en Jeroen Huisken