Buddy system

Hello Complexers!

Complex takes the initiative to help out our international students as much as we can, because we understand that starting your study and life abroad can be difficult. Therefore, we are introducing a ‘buddy-system’ for international and dutch students! This is a feature whereby we introduce internationals to dutch students on a one-on-one level. We aim to pair international Complex members of the English-track with our more experienced Dutch or International members. Once buddies are teamed up with each other, the rest is up to you!
What can the buddy system potentially offer you as an international?
– Get to know possible new friends and create a great support system for each other.
– Get help with university and study related matters
– Cultural tips-and-tricks: Get practical information regarding housing, getting a job, bank accounts and traveling
– A small introduction drink or activity for the buddies to get acquainted.

Everything is entirely voluntary of course, from the sign up to the nature and extent of their communication. Donatas, the International Officer, will also act as the coordinator for any questions and concerns from the buddies.
With the buddy system, Complex would like to facilitate a growing sense of community between all psychology students . If you need further information, you can contact our Internationalization Officer Donatas Butkus via email at internationalizationofficer@complextilburg.nl