Internationalization Officer

Hello Everyone!

I am Donatas Butkus, a 22-years-old international student from Lithuania, and this year I am the Internationalization Officer. Currently this is my fourth year at both Tilburg University and as a member of Complex. Over the years I have been active in a few committees, such as the Seminar, Study Trip and the City Trip, but this year I decided to do something more interesting, become the Internationalization Officer and try to help Complex and my fellow students in any way I can!

My task as the Internationalization Officer is to represent both international and Dutch students. I try to find ways to stimulate the grow and participation of international students within Complex. Besides that, I focus on integration and cohesion between international and Dutch students. Furthermore, I cooperate with the international and the Dutch students, but also with the board members of Complex. Together we try to make everyone feel welcome, whether you are an international student or a Dutch student.

To stimulate internationalization even more, we set up the Focus Group Internationalization and the buddy system. Check the links to find out more about this!

Even though these are rough times with the COVID situation, I am still excited for the year and hope to meet as many of you as possible!

If you want to know more, you can send me an email to