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Family Day


Dearest freshman,

Since the academic year has started for a while now, everybody is more used to study at the university. This means it’s time for a new activity from the first year’s committee: the Family Day! For one day you have the opportunity to bring a maximum of 3 family members, for example your parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandfathers, grandmothers, etc. to the university.

This activity will take place on Friday, November 8. We will welcome you between 11.30 am and 12.00 pm in the Blackbox of the Esplanade building at Tilburg University. At 12.00 pm the program will officially start with a general talk about studying Psychology in Tilburg. After this there is time to get some lunch. Lunch is provided. A campus tour will follow up this lunch, to show your family members where we spend our days at the university. Finally, a trial lecture will be given. At 16.00 pm we will end the Family Day together.

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